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The Bahamas are one of the top traveler objections in the whole world. The climate, exercises, and culture pursue the Bahamas a well-known travel decision by guests from across the globe, and a spot that everybody needs to visit something like once in their life.

At Myer's Charter Flights, we ensure that you can encounter the Bahamas how they were intended to be capable. That is the reason we give private contract trips to the Bahamas, on an assortment of protected and sumptuous airplanes accessible upon request.

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Myer’s is a licensed operator certified by the Bahamas Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA) based in Nassau Bahamas. Whether you’re a first-time passenger, avid traveller or family looking to island hop, visit the Swimming Pigs for a few hours or one of the many attractions around The Bahamas, Myer's Flight Charters can get you there safely and with comfort.  Our six seater plane is equipped and ready to go!


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The Bahamas is an archipelago of 700 islands. The nation lies in the Atlantic Ocean, southeast of Florida and north-northwest of Cuba. The capital city is Nassau on New Providence Island with a populace of 290,000. The Bahamas has a remarkable culture with two authority dialects: English and Bahamian Creole, which depend on the African-Caribbean lingos of West Africa.

The Bahamas is comprised of two separate island gatherings: the Bahamian Archipelago on the north-east comprising mostly of enormous cays; and Great Inagua Island toward the southwest which incorporates numerous more modest islands. The Bahamas has never been more lovely than as of late because of monetary development and the travel industry which brings new positions for local people along with unfamiliar guests.

The Bahamas is frequently known for its sea shores, wrecks, and its coral reef. The nation has heat and humidity with for the most part downpour in the cold weather months. Individuals from everywhere rush to this heaven consistently due to its warm climate during late spring! What's more, not simply sightseers visit - so do occupants!

One famous traveler objective is Nassau on New Providence Island which has many retreats as well as verifiable locales like Fort Charlotte. Another milestone worth visiting might be Diamond Rock close to Clarence Town; you can see three nations: Haiti, Cuba, and Jamaica from here! There are additionally a few sporting spots for families, for example, Atlantis Paradise Park or Dolphin Cove Adventure Land where they have dolphin shows and other fun exercises.

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