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All flights booked are required to have an agent or primary point person who will provide a name, phone contact and email address preferably to act as the lead person. All communication and correspondence, will be conducted via the said lead person.


The Pilot in command shall be the final authority regarding flight delays, cancellations due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances and loading of the aircraft.


All price quotes are based on one way travel unless advised at the time of booking that the return flight will be utilized. Myer’s Air reserves the right to utilize the Aircraft or return flight space for payload options in its best interest.


All flights are Single Pilot operation. An additional Pilot is available upon request at an additional cost.


Myer’s Air shall not be held liable for any expenses incurred for replacement air travel due to flight interruption as a result of mechanical fault, weather or any other problems encountered prior to or during the course of flight. Myer’s Air reserves the right to assist in obtaining alternate transportation at no cost to its operation should that pricing differ. Myer’s Air shall only be entitled to the completed portion of flight or flights should the aforementioned disruption occur.


Myer’s Air shall not be held liable for any missed appointments, connection, damages or loss of monies due to mechanical failure or inclement weather delays.


Myer’s Air shall not be held accountable for any incident, accident, injury or death arising out of services rendered unless it is proven to have been caused by gross negligence on behalf of the company.

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